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Containing 67 poems plus introductions and photos. Written with a wide range of people in mind, to be enlightening and a fun reader.

From the section entitled Existence: subsection existence

Life's Transmission

There are effects of sounds that
causes certain reactions

Images that sooth, stir
or excite

Rhythms that shows
one at will

Opinions that says so much
about both

Concentrations that does
just the same

Preferences that does
more than linger


From the section entitled Culmination: subsection absolute balance

Everything considered

With everything considered as being:

The mood in the valley
To everything that sooth the time

And everything’s place to be
And everything that we feel is ok to be

And everything that has developed us
In the name of everything

And everything is nothing
Out these boundaries


From the section entitled Essence: subsection essence of people

Seeing Ourselves

We live

love like

lark longingly

laugh lodestone

learn like

losing lone &



From the section entitled Existence: subsection existence

Nature's Belongings

Things that grow tall
Things that grow wide
That allows things to wonder inside

Things that move
Things that do not
They have their feel of mind

Things that hurt
Things that heal
And those things have defining results

Things we know
Things we do not
And those things will let us know

Things that stay the same
Things that change
And those things have their place of main.


There are poems up to two pages long in this book

also poems written in paragraph and other forms.

Earth And Beyond Dedication

Earth And Beyond Dedication
photo and two dedication poems in book

Complete format of Earth And Beyond

Narrated into three sections: Existence, Essence, Culmination with subsections within each


Subsections: existence, human existence, human state of existence


Subsections: essence of self, essence of people, essence of places, essence of nature, essence of life


Subsections: without balance, balance, absolute balance

About Book number 2

A premiere on relationships -Romance, Intimacy, Unity (No subsections within this book)

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